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The Transporter
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Release Date: 11 October 2002

Director: Louis Leterrier, Corey Yuen
Jason Statham
Qi Shu
Matt Schulze
François Berléand
Ric Young
Doug Rand
Didier Saint Melin
Tonio Descanvelle
Laurent Desponds
Matthieu Albertini
Vincent Nemeth
Jean-Yves Bilien
Jean-Marie Paris
Adrian Dearnell
Alfred Lot
Frank Martin
Wall Street
Inspector Tarconi
Mr. Kwai
Thug 1
Thug 2
Thug 3
Little Thug
Giant Thug
Cop 1
The Transporter poster The Transporter poster The Transporter poster
Jason Statham as Frank Martin in The TransporterWelcome to the world of action films Jason Statham, your table is ready! The Transporter is a great action film with plenty of car chases, fight sequences, action sequences. The film is a lot of fun!

Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is a retired Special Forces commando and ex-patriot now living in France. Martin lives off of his retirement but he occasionaly takes side jobs as a transporter. Martin is also a man with a simple code of conduct. Rule #1: No names. Rule #2: Never change the deal. Rule #3: Never look in the package. He breaks rule #3, not by choice, and ends up fleeing for his life. Martin also stumbles upon a nefarious scheme taking place in the background.

Jason Statham as Frank Martin in The TransporterFrank Martin is quietly sitting in his car outside of a bank. An alarm rings in his car. Martin starts his car's engine. Moments later, the bank's alarms sound and four men dressed in black and wearing masks jump into Martin's car. Martin drives away with the police in hot pursuit.

There is a slight problem. Martin is having more trouble than he expected eluding the police. He was not informed there would be four passengers. The crooks have broken Rule #2. The leader tries to negotiate with Martin to no avail. Martin didn't change the rules. The leader promptly shoots one of his cohorts. Martin's car is now easily able to avoid police traps and drop the men at their pre-scheduled rendezvous. Everyone is happy! Almost, the crooks end up being apprehended a short time later. Martin disappears back into his house, changes the licence plates on his car and throughly washes the car to remove any evidence left behind. Martin plans ahead for any complication.

Martin's next job goes according to plan until he hits a snag. One of his tires has a blowout and Martin must look in the trunk to change the tire. He notices the package is moving. Breaking Rule #3, Martin looks in the package to find a bound and gagged, young Chinese woman Lai (Qi Shu). Martin delivers the "package" as arranged only slightly behind schedule but nothing serious.

Jason Statham as Frank Martin in The TransporterThe man accepting the package is known only as Wall Street (Matt Schulze). Wall Street pursuades Martin to transport a package to Geneva. On the way, Martin barely escapes being blown to bits. He is none too thrilled about losing his car, not to mention almost losing his life. Martin makes his way back to Wall Street's estate to avenge himself on anyone he meets.