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The Kid
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Release Date: July 7, 2000

Director: Jon Turtletaub
Bruce Willis
Spencer Breslin
Emily Mortimer
Lily Tomlin
Jean Smart
Chi McBride
Daniel Von Bargen
Dana Ivey
Susan Dalian
Stanley Anderson
Juanita Moore
Russ Duritz
Rusty Duritz
Deirdre Lafever
Sam Duritz
Dr. Alexander
Bob Riley
Kenny's Grandmother
The Kid movie poster
"The Kid" is a surprisingly good movie. It has an annoyingly slow start but it slowly begins to grab hold of the audience and pull you into the movie. Bruce Willis stars as an image consultant with a midlife crisis. His day begins when he is dive-bombed by a biplane while stuck in Los Angeles traffic. He seems to be the only one concerned with the plane. He is basically a jerk that spends 24 hours a day on his job. He constantly bothers his secretary (Lily Tomlin) with orders. She sarcastically puts up with his abuse. After seeing the plane, he begins having flashbacks to the 1950s, old airplanes and an old diner.

Two rather innocent events pop into his life, seemingly from out of the blue. First, he finds an old toy airplane by his front door. Second, is the appearance of "the Kid". After chasing the kid to a local airstrip, Willis is transported back into the world of the 50s and discovers the diner. The next night, the kid bi-passes Willis' security system and gets into his house. The kid begins playing with the toy plane. When Willis tells him to put the toy down, the kid promptly tells him that the plane is has his name on it. The two slowly begin to realize that they are one and the same, but (in a nice plot twist) at different times in their lives. Willis has blocked out his childhood memories because he is ashamed at what he once was. The kid, on the other hand, is appalled at what he has become... a loser!

The story involves the gradual bonding of the two people. This leads them both to the major conflicts in their lives. Willis has released a public relations video to the press showing how "nice" a local sports magnate is towards kid even though it is entirely fabricated, against the better wishes of his secretary. The kid is on his way to the encounter that changes his life and turns him into the jerk he has become. It is revealed that the conflict for the kid involves a confrontation with his father.

To say more would ruin the heartwarming, sentimental ending. This came as quiet a surprise for a "seasoned" movie watcher like myself. This movie was a bit too complex for my nine-year old niece, but it should be very good for slightly older kids and their parents. Its a good opportunity for all of us to reflect on the events of our past that has determined who we are today.

As I have recently figured out, after thinking about it awhile, this is a modern version of the Charles Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol".

Enjoy! I did!