Thursday Night Movie Club
Digimon: The Movie
star rating graphic½
Release Date: October 6, 2000

Director: Mamoru Hosoda and Minoru Hosoda
Lara Jill Miller
Joshua Seth
Bob Pappenbrook
Doug Erholtz
David Lodge
Dorothy Melendrez
Michael Sorich
Peggy O'Neal
Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Brianne Siddall
Kari/Young Kari (voice)
Tai/Young Tai (voice)
Red Greymon (voice)
T.K. (third segment) (voice)
Parrotmon (voice)
Mrs. Kamiya (voice)
Big Agumon/Gargomon/Miko (voice)
Botamon (voice)
Sora/Male Student (voice)
Digimon poster
I have no idea what I saw with this movie. I was talked into taking my niece to see it. She knew more of what to expect.

The movie "tries" to explain the concept of the Digimon through the opening sequence. I had an extremely difficult time following the main characters and their relationship to each other and the world around them.

The opening sequence shows the arrival of the Digimon, who quickly digi-volve into terrifying creatures that destroy countless city blocks while kids with internet connections watch with fascination as their neighborhood is destroyed. Wow! What else do kids have to do these days than watch their city being obliterated.

The other sequences have to do with an attack on the internet itself and the efforts of a boy named Willis to learn how to become part of a team. I guess this is an attempt at depicting "values" for our children.

For adults, the animation is terrible. Just a series of flashes and bangs. Young children have no concept of the full power of animation through such fascinating films as "Akira". My niece was nice enough to inform me of the "new" digimon characters that were created for this movie. "Can you say Marketing?". That is the sole purpose for this movie... Money!!! Don't waste your time unless you can get in for free and can catch up on some much needed sleep!