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Release Date: 12 February 2016

Director: Tim Miller
Ryan Reynolds
Morena Baccarin
Karan Soni
Ed Skrein
Michael Benyaer
tefan Kapicic
Brianna Hildebrand
Style Dayne
Kyle Cassie
Taylor Hickson
Naika Toussaint
Randal Reeder
T.J. Miller
Isaac C. Singleton Jr.
Gina Carano
Jed Rees
Wade Wilson / Deadpool
Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Jeremy (Pizza Guy)
Gavin Merchant
Meghan Orlovsky
Teen Girl #1
Teen Girl #2
Angel Dust
The Recruiter
Deadpool movie poster Deadpool movie poster Deadpool movie poster
Ryan Reynolds stars as Wade Wilson/Deadpool in DeadpoolDeadpool is a very different kind of comic-book movie. The film has an R rating, the violence is graphic and there are scenes of nudity. Who'd have thought?

Deadpool is a different kind of comic-book superhero. He is crass, brutal, sadistic and very funny. He narrates the film telling his origin story.

Deadpool confusingly starts in the middle. Deadpool is sitting in the back of a cab making small talk with the driver. He leaves the cab in the middle of a brigde and stiffs the driver his fare. He has no place for money in his costume.

Deadpool engages in a raging gun battle with several thugs. He is counting each time he pulls the trigger. Is he counting bullets in his guns or the number of thugs? If it is the latter, Deadpool knows how many thugs are present before the battle begins.

After this hilarious, action-packed sequence, this form of narration works well for Deadpool. From this short sequence, the audience knows who is Deadpool. The rest of the film skips from present to past to tell how Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) became Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds Marena Baccarin in DeadpoolWilson's life changes drastically. First, he meets Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) in the local watering hole for mercenaries. Vanessa is a prostitute but that doesn't matter much to Wilson. The two engage in a battle of one-upmanship. They try to outdo each other describing how miserable are their lives. For instance, he claims he lived in a one-room house. She replies, "You lived in a house?" The two fall in love.

Then comes the kick in the head. Wilson is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Wilson meets a strange man who calls himself "The Recruiter" (Jed Rees). He represents a facility that will not only cure his cancer but give him incredible powers. Wilson is hesitant but accepts.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Wade Wilson/Deadpool in DeadpoolUnfortunately for Wilson, the procedure involves extreme torture in order to force Wilson to mutate. Wilson gains the power to heal quickly. He learns too late that Ajax (Ed Skrein) plans to turn him into super slave to be sold to the highest bidder. Wilson has gotten in over his head. He destroys the facility but he is horribly disfigured.

Wilson is afraid to show his disfigured body to Vanessa. He seeks vengence on Ajax. Wilson creates his alter-ego Deadpool. He is armed with two katana swords and two 45-calibre semi-automatics. Armed with these weapons and the most outrageous sense of humor ever invented, Deadpool slays as easily with his guns or his wit.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Wade Wilson/Deadpool in Deadpool Ryan Reynolds gets a second chance to star as a comic-book superhero. Whereas "Green Lantern" was a bust, Reynolds acting persona is perfect casting for Wade Wilson/Deadpool. He delivers lines with more frantic pacing than his gun fire. Reynolds verbally flings mud so quickly he is on his third line before Deadpool's foe knows he has been insulted. James Bond-like quips gone off the deepend as well as around the bend.

Wade Wilson is quite a character himself. He works as a pizza delivery man so as to verbally attack a teenager stalking his ex-girlfriend. With just his voice and mannerisms, Wilson is terrifying yet funny. Well, terrifying to the young man, funny to the audience. Reynolds is very convincing. Wilson not only talks big, he can back it up with extreme violence, when needed. However, Deadpool enjoys killing.

Aside from Reynolds performance and the clever and often offensive, yet histerical script, there really isn't much of a story. This might be the reason for the flash-back technique... to hide a poor script. Deadpool introduces the character and his origin story. After that, Deadpool seeks vengence on the man who turned him into a monster.

Ed Skrein as Ajax in DeadpoolWhen Deadpool fails to kill Ajax, Ajax kidnaps Vanessa and plans to subject her to the same treatment as Wilson. Now it's personal. Unfortunately, there isn't much more to the story.

As with other Marvel Comic movies, the action sequences and special effects are top-notch. Director Tim Miller keeps the pace lively and shoots some amazing scenes that slip into slow-motion so Deadpool can comment on the action. Deadpool eventually comes off as a vehicle to showcase Ryan Reynolds physical and comical telents.

Deadpool is so far off the beaten path of the other Marvel comic book films that it seems unlikely to see him in one of the Avenger films. Deadpool plays to his own tune. This film is great fun!